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Free Adobe Premiere Pro Alternatives · Kdenlive · DaVinci Resolve · Shotcut · Lightworks · Olive Video Editor · OpenShot · Avidemux · VideoPad. HitFilm Express is probably the closest program to Premiere that you’ll find. It’s simple, extremely intuitive, and best of all, it’s FREE.


Adobe premiere pro cc alternative free free. 7 Adobe Premiere Pro Alternatives that are Completely Free


It does have a lot of trouble playing back 4K footage. This is a completely free and open source program. It has a lot of the professional features an editing software needs. We can make animations using keyframes, it has a bunch of effects not a lot but the essentials and it has color grading tools. It feels a little bit old fashion but the playback goes pretty smooth, it does take some time when importing footage but once in the timeline it all goes fine.

Lightworks is a super lightweight editing program. If you mostly just want to edit and apply basic effects this is an ideal program. It even has some very nice color correction and grading tools. I recommend changing to Avid when you have almost no experience with any other editing programs. There is a free version that has all the features but it creates a watermark when exporting. It comes with all professional features like animations with keyframes, a motion blur option, color correction tools, scopes, masking tools and even a motion tracker.

The interface looks familiar to both Premiere Pro and Hitfilm Express. Hitfilm is a very popular program and it looks almost exactly like Premiere Pro when it comes to interface. Applying keyframes to animations goes really well and you can even apply motion blur to the animation.

This is probably the best and most popular one on the list. Resolve has different workspaces for editing, vfx which is called fusion , colorgrading and even sound mixing. Within every workspace you will get everything a professional video editor needs. So an ideal laptop for editing at home. When it was Premiere Pro 5, Avid dominated the world market.

It was totally different.. Premiere came to such a height that currently no one can come closer to it, forget replacing. You have to tear your hairs to do some simple project in any of these NLEs mentioned here except Vegas Pro.

Magix did not dare top modify it and it remained in that same old stage where it was, before Sony sold it to Magix. A premium version – DaVinci Resolve Studio – is available and includes features such as a neural engine, stereoscopic 3D tools, and advanced HDR grading. Resolve is one of the most in-depth video editing programs available, so it is targeted at professionals rather than newcomers. This does mean it may be too complex for some, but does prove its worth as the best free alternative to Premiere Pro.

Read our full DaVinci Resolve review. Additions in recent updates include custom masking, precise keyframing tools, and a library of customizable animated sketches, which are an easy way to add color and energy to a video. There are several versions: PowerDirector Essentials is free but basic. Read our full CyberLink PowerDirector review. Final Cut Pro is a Mac-only video editing and compositing package crammed with features. This is a powerful and versatile video editing app, with a well-designed, no-fuss interface that makes editing intuitive without compromising features.

Its magnetic timeline makes it easy to insert shots within a sequence without other clips losing relative position, and the assembly process feels slick. On top of all that, new features add a few welcome cherries on top.

These include the ability to fully control footage shot on an iPhone 13 in Cinematic Mode, an incredibly easy to use Motion Tracker, and a nifty AI that allows you to apply an effect onto a specific part of an image. The app is a great Premiere Pro alternative on Mac, running natively whether your computer is powered by Intel or Apple silicon. Read our full Final Cut Pro review. Pinnacle Studio once had a reputation for poor performance and limited functionality.

Thankfully, recent updates have significantly improved the video editor. Expect a few similarities between the two, as Pinnacle builds on the more simplified Corel alternative.

But it is still a versatile editing program. The interface is intuitive, and besides the performance issues being fixed, many useful new features have been added. These include a title designer with an impressive level of control over animated text, keyframing controls that enable you to adjust clips and effects over time, and face-tracking masks.

This lets you adjust the lighting or effects on a face, even when the subject is moving. Read our full Pinnacle Studio review. Lightworks is a video editor with a bit of a pedigree. But this is with the Pro version. The Free option offers you the same interface, but has a more limited selection of tools. Everything is pretty intuitive, and the new contextual help windows guide you through your first steps effectively.

The only major downside to the free version is an inability to export your finished product beyond p. Find out how one of the best free video editing software tools compares to its free rival in Adobe Premiere Pro vs Lightworks. Read our full Lightworks review. The software is a bit of an all-rounder – an all-in-one program that even comes equipped with basic VFX software for adding visual effects to your footage. At the free end, these are unlikely to satisfy pros familiar with premium special effects programs like Adobe After Effects.

But their addition is welcome. However, there are a couple of downsides. Whether you opt for the free version or upgrade, HitFilm offers a powerful, professional, multi-platform experience for beginners and professionals alike.

Just make sure your computer can handle this intensive Premiere Pro alternative. Read our full HitFilm review. So, when it comes to the best alternatives to Adobe Premiere Pro, you can’t go far wrong staying in the same stable. Premiere Elements designed to make building an edit as easy as possible for anyone with little knowledge of this craft, and it does a very good job of easing beginners into the art.

You have multiple different interfaces, depending on your skills, with a good number of step-by-step tutorials aimed at introducing you to new concepts, and more complex techniques. The new features for primarily focus on social media, and creating content destined to be shared online, all of which are welcome and useful, and some are even fun to use. A free day trial is available for you to check all the features out for yourself.

Read our full Adobe Premiere Elements review. And with no ongoing subscription, it’s one of the best alternatives to Adobe Premiere Pro.

That said, Corel VideoStudio is relatively easy to learn. In recent updates, the color tools have been significantly improved, too. There are a few odd issues with the interface: the layout can feel a little clunky and dated, and the way that layers work is upside-down compared to most other software, which might be confusing to editors used to working with other video editing software.

Read our full Corel VideoStudio review. Filmora is a video editing software package aimed at the novice, making it one of the best alternatives to Adobe Premiere Pro for quick editing, but with enough power to satisfy others as well. Not only can you work with your own clips, but you also have access to three royalty-free libraries for stock photos and stock videos straight from the interface. Editing is a breeze although it can be hard to differentiate between your clips in the timeline.

Speaking of advanced, there are also a bunch of more complex additions, such as color correction, chroma keying, image stabilization, and motion tracking. Businesses can get different licenses, but only on Windows computers.

With its modest system requirements, Filmora is one of the best alternatives to Premiere Pro for low-end PCs. Read our full Filmora review.

Nero Video is a fair alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro. Its undemanding minimum requirements make it a good substitute for those in need of a video editor for low-end PCs.

But what the program excels at is making the video editing process incredibly simple for just about everyone. This is as accessible as editing videos gets – and it’s got plenty of essential FX, including chroma-keying, to help bring your movies to life. However, we noted that the tool offers little to advanced and professional editors, while newcomers, enthusiasts, and hobbyists are often better served with free editing software like HitFilm Express.

Read our full Nero Video review. It houses an extensive toolset. This is a good baseline for making your comparison. Previous experience and intended use counts.

But Corel VideoStudio is the better alternative for beginners, because it unlocks the same core editing functions.


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It’s even better when those tools come built into the editor, like Lightworks’s admittedly basic visual effects or DaVinci Resolve’s Fusion – one of the best After Effects alternatives for professionals. It was totally different.. We review how well these video editors meet the needs of the intended audience. Reasons to avoid – More powerful features watermarked or hidden behind paywall.

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