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例えば、After Effects CC、Photoshop CC などのデスクトップアプリケーション、および Adobe Hue や. Premiere Clip などのモバイルアプリケーションにまたがって使用 Premiere Pro でプロジェクトが自動保存されると、Creative Cloud オンラインストレージに「Adobe Premiere Pro Auto-Save」という名前のディ 失われたCS Photoshopのイメージやflashビデオなどの復旧は、確かに難しそうですよね。そんな時は、専門的なデータ復旧ソフト – EaseUS Data Recovery


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Accidentally lost unsaved PSD files? This post will tell you what Photoshop Autosave is in details. Where are Photoshop autosave files stored? How to set my Photoshop to make it save recovery files? Different from the Microsoft Word auto-save feature, Adobe Photoshop software won’t help you save all your operations constantly. But Adobe Photoshop software does have an auto-save feature.

When you suddenly lose power, Photoshop software crashes, or something else goes wrong, the Adobe Photoshop auto save function will activate automatically and create a backup of the file you were working on.

If you are using the new Photoshop CC version, the backup file will be opened by default when you next run it. Photoshop Auto Save is more like an emergency function, which enables Photoshop software quickly save a backup copy of your work when something goes wrong and Photoshop crashes.

With this auto save feature in Adobe Photoshop, you can continue working on an image, rather than losing everything you’ve done and starting all over again from scratch when app crash. You can select the time interval for automatically saving your files like every 5, 10, 15, 30, or 60 minutes. Photoshop Auto Save is very like an auto recover feature.

Actually, it has been a part of Photoshop for a long time. But only since the Photoshop CC , users know and figure out it is a very useful function. Photoshop auto save feature should be enabled by default. But when it crashed and led to lots of lost work, you need to make sure Photoshop autosave work well. You can follow the next steps to turn it on. That’s where all Photoshop autosave files stored.

If Photoshop app crashed , you can rely on the auto save recovery to find them back. How about the mistakenly deleted or lost PSD files? More than that, it has the capability to retrieve documents, emails, audio, videos and more from computer, hard drive, flash drive and memory card. Besides, even the Photoshop images are corrupted , it can repair and recover them easily. With the download button above, you can easily get this powerful Photoshop PSD file recovering software downloaded and installed on your computer.

As an all-featured data recovery tool, it can help you recover any frequently-used data type like image, document, email, audio, video and more. So first, you need to choose the data type for recovering. Here you can choose Image. Then choose disk drive s where you can recover Photoshop files. At first, you can choose “Quick Scan” to try finding the lost data. After scanning, all the missing images files will be listed in the interface.

To quickly locate the deleted PSD files, you can use the “Filter” feature. Select all the PSD files you want to recover and then click on Recover button, you can finish the Photoshop PSD files recovery within just a few seconds.

For the unsaved PSD files, you can try the Photoshop auto save recovery tool. When you want to use it to find Photoshop files back, you should ensure the Auto Save feature is enabled. In that case, when it’s too late to save PSD files, you can use Photoshop auto save to recover them.

Many saved files are in hidden condition. So if you can’t find anything in this folder, you can try showing these files first. Turn on Show hidden files and then you can choose and save PSD files into a safe location on your computer. We mainly talk about Photoshop Auto save in this article. We give you an introduction about Photoshop autosave feature and how to enable this function. If you still have any question, you can leave us a message. Please tell us in the comments if you have any other solutions to recover Photoshop files.

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Adobe photoshop cc autosave location free download

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