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This quiz set has questions. Discover answers to important practice questions on Adobe Animate CC Test. Easily build creative storytelling skills in any class with Adobe Express premium features — for free. Ratings.


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Computers, Specialty. Played 31 times. Print Share Edit Delete. Live Game Live. Finish Editing. This quiz adobe animate cc quiz free incomplete! To play this quiz, please finish editing it. Delete Quiz. Question 1. FLASH’s native programming language. This enables you to have more control and add interactivity to your flash animations.

Contains information about the object that you have selected. You want to add a fill to a shape outline on the Stage. Which tool should you use? Where does all the action take place in Adobe Animate?

What option do you use in digital animation to enable you to нажмите чтобы прочитать больше the progressive movement of an object?

Which one of these are one of the 12 principles of animation? What is the shortcut to create a keyframe in Adobe Animate previously known as Flash? Deletes parts of a fill or path. Zoom in or out of a selected area of the stage. They are used to easily animate the motion of an object. They create frames in between objects to give the illusion of movement. It gives a smooth transition between objects. It speeds up the animation. What kind of symbol can be recast as a movie clip symbol? What is the benefit of using a smaller file жмите сюда It will increase the speed at adobe animate cc quiz free your project downloads.

It will decrease the speed at which your project downloads. It will be customizable. There is no real benefit. What is the term used that ensures content can be delivered and is accessible to as many people as possible? If you have ActionScript Errors, where will they be displayed? What can grouping objects prevent objects from doing? What key do you hold when resize an object to keep the proportions the same?

The smooth transitions between keyframes is referred to as:. What should you do if you want your animation to proceed at a slower pace? Lengthen the tween span. Decrease the tween span. Remove frames from the tween. Move the beginning and end of the tween closer to each other.

What is different about animating filters when compared to animating changes in position? Keyframes are used to animate position changes, but not filters. Keyframes are used to animate filters, but not position changes.

You can’t animate filters, but you can animate changes in position. Filters and position changes are animated the same way. What are nested animations? Animations contained inside a movie clip symbol. Objects that are animated on the Main timeline. Objects that are animated on the Stage.

Animations contained adobe animate cc quiz free a static image. Which statement about an animation inside a graphic symbol is not correct? They are ideal for lip syncing. The playhead is controlled directly in the Перейти на источник panel. You can have nested animations. The animation will play independently. Easing values range from:. Which statement is true about camera layers? You can add objects to a Camera layer. You can rename a Camera layer.

You can only have one Camera layer. You move objects in other layers when the Camera layer is active.

The best way to preview your animation as your audience will see it and to preview any nested animations is:. Scrub the playhead back and forth. All of these methods are equally good. Keyframes are specific to each property, so that a motion tween can have keyframes for position that are adobe animate cc quiz free from keyframes for transparency.

No adobe animate cc quiz free tween or drawing object can exist on the tween layer. What does easing do to a motion tween?

Same amount of change happens over time. Адрес the rate of change in a motion tween. Remove a motion tween by double-clicking the motion tween on the Timeline or the Stage and choosing Remove Tween. When importing a bitmap image into Animate, which format should you choose for an image that includes transparency? Animate can’t handle images that include transparency. How can you duplicate a symbol that is selected in your Library panel?

Double-click the symbol and select Duplicate. Right-click and select Duplicate. A graphic, button, or movie clip that you create once in Animate and can then reuse throughout your document or in other documents.

How do you create a new symbol? What is the shortcut to convert something to a symbol? What tool was used to flip the layer to the opposite direction? What’s the quickest way of saving your work? Pressing “Ctrl S”. Pressing “Ctrl P”.

Pressing “Ctrl V”. Pressing “Ctrl F”. Which keyboard shortcut allows you to select all the text or images in a document? In Adobe Animate, if you were drawing lines, adobe animate cc quiz free would you make sure they all lined up neatly? In Adobe Animate, if you made a shape of a car, what’s the quickest way of making an identical car? Select car and choose shape adobe animate cc quiz free. In Adobe Animate, how do you convert an image you designed into a grouped item ready for animating?

Select the object and use the shape tool. Select the object and press space bar. Select the object and select adobe animate cc quiz free to symbol’.

In Adobe Animate, what do you add onto the timeline to create an animation? In Adobe Animate, How would you add a keyframe into a timeline?

Select “create tween”. Right click on the timeline where you want разделяю steep for pc free так keyframe, then choose “Add keyframe”.

Select the object, then choose “Add keyframe”. Quizzes you may like. Google Docs Icons.


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