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After installing the app, if the commands are not working please read the Frequently Asked Questions page. Also, a dialog box will show with a list of any XRefs attached to the drawing that needs to purge. Is there a way to fix it? I’m using it on autocad Dear Wilson, Thanks for the review. The update for is available now, and there is no change in the version number [latest is 8.

Dear Sandip, Thanks for the review. Dear, Thanks for the review. Dear Manjunath , Thanks for the review. Thanks for the review.

Yes, this app will work in If the app is not loading after installation, then please load the app manually. To load the app manually, please read ‘How to load the app manually’ section from ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ link provided at the top of this page. Ajilal, you have a great program here and I use it on a daily basis, I do have 1 request though, would it be possible to add a lineweight toggle on or off selection?

I have a number of ex-. Hi, I dont have access to plant 3D to test. Can you please try to load the app manually? To load manually read, ‘How to load the app manually’ section from ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ link provided at the top of this page.

Hi, I’ve downloaded this to hopefully not only save time running multiple purge and cleanup commands. But, I was hoping it would also delete redundant Data Links. However, it doesn’t seem to do this? Can it be modified to do this also? Ajilal Vijayan, people like you make the world spin around. You’ve made the world a little bit better when put this software on free download. To install this need admin rights and not all admin will allow to install this software, is it possible to install at user level rights.

Great tool love the batch option. Helps me save alot of time in auditing and cleaning out surplus data in mulitpile Civil 3d drawings all xrefed together.

ACAD was constantly lagging hard every time it autosaved or I did the copybase command. I had a ton of unused linetypes that I couldn’t delete that seemed to be causing the problem.

This little app cleared that up in an instant. Can’t thank you enough! Bedankt voor de beoordeling. Vergeef me alstublieft, want ik kan uw vraag niet begrijpen. Can you please share a sample drawing to ajilalv gmail. A big thank u to help me reducing my all CAD files from now onn Now i have their secret too.

I can’t tell you how many hours this has saved me in the first ten minutes of using. Works perfectly and love all the extra options beyond just standard purge operations.

This addon works great, just one question I have is, does it only work with base autocad or will it work with different versions ie, plant 3D, MEP, electrical, etc.

Thanks for the review Jonathan. Can you please try to load the app manually in these versions? It works well. It reduced more than half of the file size. But in Autocad , it doesn’t give the best result. Thanks for the review Samrya. Can you please describe the problem that you faced in in email [ ajilalv gmail.

Thanks for the review Bob. It’s available now in the command bar if I write it, but how can I add it to the Add-ins in the toolbar?

Thanks for the review Hadi. Hello Dennis, Thanks for the review and happy to hear that you like the options provided in Batch Purge. This app is simply fantastic! Can’t describe how awesome and perfect this app can be. The batch purge feature is incrdible.

Works very stable, fast and with nice and intuitive interface. Kudos for the guy who programmed this app. Hello Senol, Thanks for the review. Please try to load the app manually. Thanks, Ajilal. Really useful program! I’ve been using it for a few years now, and absolutely love having this tool to clean up our files.

Great work! Maybe some lisp I can add to my acaddoc. Drawing purge is a great and seamless add-on. It’s quick, simple and easy to understand. For the most part it does the job great. However, I am having issues with purging plot styles, configurations, some shape files and standards that aren’t going away when I open a batch of files in a Reference Manager. Not sure what the solution or problem is there.. Ahmad, Thanks for the review and happy to hear that the app helped you.

Can you please share a sample drawing[ajilalv at gmail dot com] to try? Once the blocks were removed, the file exploded at Mb and no longer allows me to copy and export objects to another file. The program starts copying the selected object works for many minutes and then stops so I have to force the closure in order to exit. Is there an analogous LT compatible plug-in package that can solve my problem? Many thanks in advance for your help.

Stefano, Thanks for the review!! But please note that if the drawing has exploded blocks or xrefs, AutoCAD purge or Drawing Purge plug-in will not able to purge the entities as it is in use with the drawing.

Please advise. Just a note: in the Spanish translation, the XRefs results report translates “not found” by “extraviados”, that means “lost”, not found; i think i should say “no hallados”. Congratulations again, Ajilal, great work.

Dear Ajilal, this plugin has been discovered to me by one of my former colleagues and I use this plug-in since One big thanks to you for taking the effort and time to develop this plug-in.

I really appreciate this tool. The tool works really well, I can’t recommend it enough! If you have trouble with drawing file sizes, this is the fix. Thanks Ajilal Vijayan!! Batch purge are very useful to purge multiple drawinngs and at the same time, downgrade the file version. It really works.

It makes drawings smaller and can convert a lot of files to older versions at same time. You can bring the plugin window forward by right click and maximize. Thanks a lot, Excellent tool. I have been using it for several years now. Now we use windows 10, and Dwg-Purge stopped working. Can you help us, thank you in advance. I work as a civi8l designer and I have been using this for years, it is especially useful when receiving cad drawings complete within other software packages.

It purges all the unnecessary and useless data. Very nice tool, have been using for a long time. Any ideas?

I have added an option to ignore this error in the new version of the app version 8. Please install the latest version and on the ‘About’ page, there is an option turn off this error checking.

I was struggling with the file size increase after I copy pasted from another consultant’s file.



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Announcing the launch of Community Badges! New Software Available for Education. Autodesk Network License Manager update required!!! How to Renew Access for Education Licenses. Recover Fafal without Installation Code to Eagle 7. Issue is AutoCAD in citrix vm.

License Checkout Timed Out. PowerInspect trial doesnt work. Still getting activation prompt despite successful activation. What is this message? When does trial start? ACA Error running after successful install.

Creating a new account with deleted ID. AutoCad Installation Failed. AutoCAD Licensing по этой ссылке errors. How to see actual autodesk autocad 2018 fatal error free number for my Student Revit license subscription?

Revit Custom Install download failing. Educational autodesk products expiring How to renew to get new network license.

Coursera student. Filter by Labels. Trending Free download windows 10 pro 1903 features An incompatible version of the Autodesk license manager is installed on the server “licence manager not functioning or improperly fres Cannot transfer license AutoCAD Cannot use downloaded install program on new computer An incompatible version of The Autodesk network license manager is installed Unable to launch AutoCAD using.

Top Solution Authors. User Count. View All. Report a website issue. New Software Available for Education by Tiana. How to Renew Access for Education Licenses [ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 » ] by amanda. Educational autodesk autocad 2018 fatal error free products expiring How to renew to get new network license by autodesk.


Autodesk autocad 2018 fatal error free


Hi Yulia, I am sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you. This is a must-have tool. Has option to batch purge and other options like downgrading file version as well. I’ll keep using it everytime.

Thank you for this great tool. Dear all. All setups automatic migrated from Acad But now I have a problem with Drawing Purge. But this file absend on leptop. Add on is very helpful. But quick question, on your previous add on, it had the flatten command, which was awesome- removed all the bold text and what not while purging the drawing.

In this add on, it doesn’t work anymore- any chance it can be added back on for ? Dear kaye, thanks for the review. In the new version I removed ‘Empty texts’ and ‘Zero length geometry’ options as these two options sometimes caused the app to fail while purging.

If you are mentioning these options, I will try to add it back in the next version. I just selected folder which had about drawings with varying size the initial size of folder was about 5.

I have both AutoCAD and installed on my computer. This work great for the version but not In AutoCAD , both commands are unknown. Is it still not supporting AutoCAD ? Will this work on LT ? Version don’t save. I am changing version to but current versions returned. Thanks for the review Slava. When attempting to restart the purge, the file originally being saved with be corrupted with a 0kb dummy file that would be marked Read Only.

This is extremely dangerous – it seems to happen to random files, including original client CAD drawings that are sensitive and cannot be replaced. Drawing Purge does not create a failsafe or temporary backup in the event of a failed purge, and it is a pretty big oversight. I would not use a program that has a chance to corrupt the original drawings without warning.

It seems to be a. NET framework problem, and this error also leads to file corruption similar to 1. Hi, I am sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you. Thank you very much for your valuable reply related to this Can you please try to run any of these commands? Please let me know if the problem still exists. Your app will be a great help to firms that have problems with propagating Orphaned Data.

With your permission, I’d like to reference your App in our blog. Ajilal Vijayan, thank you for your app! It is AutoCAD published. Will you adapted your app for it? And there is one problem with those who have disabled the AutoCAD Infocenter: it is forced to on by your application to display messages about the availability of purges.

Oleg, Thanks for the review. I will update the app to support Please check the Drawing Purge options in Bacth Purge command window. Hi,Thanks for the review. If you like to share this app information on your blog please go ahead, but please don’t share the installation file. This app has saved me a load of frustration.

My Company use Acad14 save in Acad13 and below format, have Acad15 but cant use it because of our clients so I have to use it in MEP where it works well. Saves massive amounts of File Space. I just wish I could stop others in my company from being lazy and copying previous drawings as templates. Hello Sir , my question is : if i use this file with any drawing , won’t it break my work?

Hi, I would like to suggest you to try this app on some test drawings and check whether the app has deleted any things which you required. Hi Does C3d needs this app? Or it’s the same as the purge nested objects? C3d it is slow and keeps stalling. So to purge the DGN data, you don’t need this app. But the Batch purge command will be helpful if you have multiple files to clean. Dear Ajilal, I am using Autocad Student Version, but the app seems not to be working properly with the “items you cannot purge”.

Previous version cleaned perfectly, but now, blocks remain. I paste and udpate one block, but the block remains as it was in the drawing, not with the new one. Dear Santiago, Thanks for the review. Can you please share a sample drawing to describe this issue. Dear Santiago, Thanks for sending the sample drawing and thanks for the detailed explanation. I understand this issue and I will try to fix this in the next version.

It seems that once you delete the nested block, the app needs to run times to erase all the unused blocks. I will add a loop in the next version to fix this.

Thanks for pointing this out. Dear Santiago,Please try with the latest version [6. Now I have added a loop in the purge program to fix this issue.

Hi Ansal, Thanks for the review. The app should work with not LT. If the commands are showing as unknown command, may be the plug-in is failed to load automatically. Can you please try the steps in the below link to load the app manually?

Dear Ajilal Vijayan Thanks for application but it doesn’t work. I m using Autocad not LT , I configure with dwg purge batch. I selected all items to purge but file size is not decreased. Hi Sinan, Thanks for the review. If the file size is not changed, may be there is nothing to purge in that drawing. Can you run the native AutoCAD purge command and see if there anything to purge? Also if possible please send a sample drawing to ajilalv gmail.

Drawing Purge. Win32 and There are 2 commands for this plug-in 1. By clicking ‘Purge’ will start to purge the attached XRefs. Purge the drawings and save them to a different location. Purge the drawings and add a suffix to the file name e. Purge and save the drawing to another version. Read Help Document. About This Version Version 8. No change in version number. Publisher Privacy Policy. Screenshots and Videos. Customer Reviews. One of the best purge commands available.

Thank you for the good work. Gonzalo Tapia June 02, Dear Mr. Ajilal, Would you please update the version as soon as possible. This tool is very helpful.

Ajilal Vijayan Publisher April 27, Ajilal Vijayan Publisher April 10, Phan Y Manh April 11, Xpzzj Xpzzj April 13, On the right of the screen it list compatibility with thru In the text it lists compatibility with – I have , will it still work? Thanks for the review Marco.

Ajilal Vijayan Publisher March 16, I will try to add this option in the next version. Hi ajilal, Thank you very much It’s a Excellent tool Thanks for the review Jose. Thanks for the review Jason. Ajilal Vijayan Publisher November 03, Thanks for the review, I will try to add this option in the future release.

Your program must be set as the standart. Very good tool and it reduced so much memory of files To install this need admin rights and not all admin will allow to install this software, is it possible to install at user level rights Thans for the good tool.

Ajilal Vijayan Publisher October 19, Thanks for the review, currently the bundle requires admin rights to install. Thanks for the review Mark :. Justin Ralston August 26, Regards Justin. Thanks for the review Justin :. Thanks for the review Kevin :. Ajilal Vijayan Publisher June 09, Saved huge time and money. Thanks for the review Resham :. I can’t express my gratitude. Where have You been so far? Thanks for the review Aleksandar!!

Ajilal Vijayan Publisher May 26, Thanks for the review!! Ajilal Vijayan Publisher March 25, Thomas, thanks for the review and glad I could help. Thanks for the review Danial!! Ajilal Vijayan Publisher November 02, Ajilal Vijayan Publisher September 30, Jason, thanks for the review and blog!! Thank you Ajilal, it’s a helpful command. Ajilal Vijayan Publisher September 07, Hadi Kiwan September 08, Done, Thank you, appreciated.

Thank you Ajilal! Ajilal Vijayan Publisher September 01, You’re welcome Edmund, and thanks for the review. Thank you for your great work. It a necceassary utility for all CAD users. Thanks for the review Pramod. An excellent Add-in, particularly the Batch Purge. Very useful, like all the options for Xref handling, backup files, current space units too. Big thumbs up!

Thanks for the review, Les Canning!! Ajilal Vijayan Publisher July 05, Hello Luiz, many thanks for the review. Thanks for the review Dmitry!! Ajilal Vijayan Publisher June 15, Really helpful app! Thank you! Hello Wen, Thanks for the review!! Hi Matt, Thanks for the review. Happy to hear that you love the app. Thanks Ajilal, really useful program. It’s part of my standard tools now. Love the interface. Ajilal Vijayan Publisher April 17, Ajilal Vijayan Publisher April 16, Ajilal Vijayan Publisher April 05, Ajilal Vijayan Publisher April 08, Amadeu, Thanks for the review!!!

Reza Seyedi June 27, Quico, Thanks for the review!! Quico OT May 06, Quico, Thanks for the information, I will update the translation accordingly. Ajilal Vijayan Publisher February 25, Thanks for the Review Dragan! Makes my work archive half the size and drawings open faster.. Please update for AutoCAD Thanks for the Review Adham!! Such an amazing app! Thanks for it.

Thanks for the Review Henrique!! Helps me run big size autocad drawings and less space consumming. Ajilal Vijayan Publisher August 26, Thanks for the review!

Ajilal Vijayan Publisher July 23, Please use the latest version [8. Dj March 05, Verified Download What’s this? This is excellent application. It stucks on activation and I caanot see dialog box. Any idea why? Ajilal Vijayan Publisher March 14, Its helps me to clean my unsnecessary files.. Nicholas De Steiguer September 15, Ajilal Vijayan Publisher September 18, Thanks for the Review Mann!!

This app helps a LOT. Thank you very much! Thanks for the Review!! Thanks for the Review Abdul!! Thanks for the Review Jose!! Can you add an option which change xref from “attach” to “overlay”? Vassilis Kyriacopoulos October 18, I am eagerly awaiting the upgrade to AutoCAD ! Ajilal Vijayan Publisher May 01, The new version [8. Ajilal Vijayan Publisher April 01, Can I change the interface language?

Yaw Dapaah March 02, March 02, Verified Download What’s this? Vassilis Kyriacopoulos February 14, Lena Starbird February 21, Ajilal Vijayan Publisher February 27, Ilya Bobrov March 05, Ajilal Vijayan Publisher March 06, Vassilis Kyriacopoulos March 06, Jim Schumacher March 21, Ajilal Vijayan Publisher January 07, Ajilal Vijayan Publisher July 02, Ajilal Vijayan Publisher February 04, Siju, thanks for the review. Chinese characters mtext will be scrambled messy code after cleaning up documents,why?

Ajilal Vijayan Publisher November 26, Cruz November 10, Verified Download What’s this? Great and useful app! Thanks so much! It is very very good.

Ajilal Vijayan Publisher October 11, Daniel Silva October 19, It work perfectly. Very usable plugin for me.

Respect to autor. Ajilal Vijayan Publisher July 18, It really works in opened drawing. But batch purge, Turning our patient.

Ajilal Vijayan Publisher July 10, Ajilal Vijayan Publisher April 26, Ajilal Vijayan Publisher May 10, Hi, The new version 7. Hi Aji, your program is awesome. It works perfect. Sourabh, Thanks for the review. Dennis Waters Jr. March 28, Verified Download What’s this? Dennis, Thanks for the review. Glad I could help :. March 03, Verified Download What’s this?

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