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Untuk tugas menyelamatkan sandera dari para penjahat, anda dibolehkan memilih senjata apa saja yang berguna untuk melawan musuh nantinya. Senjata yang tersedia terbagi dalam beberapa jenis, seperti Primary, Secondary, Sidearm, Grenades, Explosive dan Auxiliary. Dan masing-masing mempunyai kegunaan tersendiri, contohnya Explosive untuk menumbangkan banyak musuh sekaligus.

Tak hanya senjata, karakter pun bisa diganti sesuai keinginan anda. Jalankan setup yang gambarnya berbeda dari yang lain. Tunggu sampai proses install selesai.

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Delta Force 3 Land Warrior – Free Download PC Game (Full Version) – Softonic review

And no vree grass means no sneaking up on someone on your belly and killing them before they’ve had a chance to register you’re there. The effects in Land Warrior are done well: gun shots ring out across the landscape, echoing around canyons and chattering off walls.


Delta force 3 pc game free download

Jun 22,  · Delta Force is stranded somewhere in the middle of no-man’s land between realistic tactical shooter and pure action game with real-world settings. With the advent of Land Warrior, NovaLogic finally refined the formula to a point where you can actually play the game and not feel like it’s kicking you in the replace.meted Reading Time: 8 mins. Delta Force: Land Warrior Free Download (v) Delta Force: Land Warrior (v) Size: MB. Reminder: This download is completely free and won’t cost you a penny. However, If you love the game and want to purchase it, you can support . Softonic review Scout, Scope, And Shoot. Single-Player And Multiplayer. Delta Force: Xtreme is a first person shooter made for casual play. It features both a single-player campaign light on story but with 60 levels to shoot your way through, and multiplayer based off of .


Delta force 3 pc game free download. Delta Force: Land Warrior Free Download


Players use military combat skills to outfox and outgun enemies in single play or multiplayer modes. Anyone can jump right into a game. It will take a little time to master the environment of Delta Force. Each of the six campaigns contains about eight or so missions.

Upon completing the first mission, you might see one or two more appear from which to select. Complete one of those and a few more appear.

I like this nonlinear approach. Typical missions put the Delta Force squad capturing an enemy base or infiltrating a camp. Some missions are quite unique though. My favorite was rescuing two downed chopper pilots who must survive in order to complete the mission. The convoy escort mission had great potential but tended to bog with all the activity.

There is quite a rewarding feeling after completing a mission. However, I really found myself wanting to command the other members of my squad to pass off some of the heavy lifting. In the distance you might see the ubiquitous flock of birds which seem to be in all games now regardless of the genre.

Everything is peaceful until either you attack or are spotted. When the first bullet impacts at close range, you kind of stumble and see red. The next hit brings you down. I rather enjoyed lobbing grenades into single file columns of enemy troops and watching their frightful reactions.

Enemies scatter like ants when gunfire interrupts them. They begin running and ducking and and dodging fire. They also shoot back. I experienced a good sense of being pinned down as often seen in war movies. How each Delta Force weapon benefits you depends on the task at hand. In every mission you can customize your package by choosing a primary weapon, secondary weapon, and sidearm.

Special Operations. High Standard. Barrett Light. M40A1 Sniper Rifle—useful for accurate, short range sniping. Grenade—deadly but shrapnel makes it dangerous at close range. M18 Claymore Mines—nice but not very useful since most missions have the player in an offensive rather than defensive role.

Satchel Charges—will destroy anything if you can get to the target, plant the charge, and escape without being hit by enemy fire. NovaLogic encourages formation of squads and even sponsors tournaments. The only frustration I had was that there often seemed to be nowhere to hide from distant but deadly sniper fire. Numerous times I caught bullets while running for cover.

I had no idea where my assassin had been. I discovered that crawling made me slightly stealthier, but slowed movement. Most anyone will notice the sort of artistic look of the Voxelspace 3 engine. The crux is that Voxelspace technology 3D pixels allows greater distance and sloping terrain. At times a beautiful purple sky covers a snowy terrain.

On a clear day you can see cumulus clouds gracefully moving overhead. Weapons, vehicles, and structures all have a defined look. A big positive for the game was the sound quality. I noticed a more military-style inventory of sounds than one might expect from the average first-person shooter.

From the faint chirping of birds and breezes blowing, to the terrifying screams and gurgles of unfortunate victims, the sounds draw the player into the Delta Force world. Enemies yell in their native tongues while attacking you. Internet play with players via NovaWorld servers requires Internet service provider, direct serial play requires null modem and cable two players , modem play requires minimum Only one CD is required for non-Internet multiplayer games.

In the typical NovaLogic spirit of user-friendliness, a concise and easy-to-understand manual is all the player needs. The most important items are the explanation of key commands and description of weapons.

To my surprise, Delta Force is one of the most fun games I have played all year. Whether or not you became bogged down in the tedious mission planning of Rainbow Six or annoyed by the controls in Spec Ops , Delta Force will entertain you. Add the ability to issue team orders, graphics acceleration, and a mission builder; and this title would be nearly perfect.

Browse games Game Portals. Delta Force. Install Game. Click the “Install Game” button to initiate the file download and get compact download launcher.

Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game. View all 20 Delta Force Screenshots. Game review Downloads Screenshots Overall rating: 9. Halo: Combat Evolved The year is , and humanity struggles to survive. A terrifying race, calling themselves the Covenant, has swept out of the stars and threatens to purge humanity from the galaxy.

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