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A short summary of this paper. PDF Pack. Download Download PDF. Translate PDF. Lower Prices. These tools also include alignment lines, temporary dimensions, snaps, and the Properties palette.

You learn how to select elements for editing. You also learn how to http://replace.me/20590.txt, copy, rotate, mirror, and array elements and how to align elements, split linear elements, trim, extend, and offset elements. Draw elements using draw and pick tools. Use drawing aids including alignment lines, temporary dimensions and snaps. When you start a drawing command, the contextual Ribbon, Options Bar, and Properties palette enable you to set up features for each element you are placing in the drawing.

Autodesk revit mep 2014 fundamentals pdf free you are drawing, several features called drawing aids display, as shown in Figure 2—1. They help create designs quickly and accurately. Figure 2—1 Contextual Ribbon In the Select panel, click When you select a command, the Ribbon displays the Modify tab with the contextual tools. For example, when you click Modify to finish the command and return to Ductthe Modify Place Duct tab opens, as shown in the main tab at any time.

Figure 2—1. These options are also typically found in the Properties palette. You can select other types and modify some of the related parameters autodesk revit mep 2014 fundamentals pdf free the selected object, as shown in Figure 2—3.

Some of the properties parameters autodesk revit mep 2014 fundamentals pdf free only available when you are editing an element. They are grayed out when you are creating an element. If you click in the window, it applies the change but clears the elements. You can also dock it on top of the Project Browser and then switch between them using the tabs at the bottom of autodesk revit mep 2014 fundamentals pdf free palette, as shown in Figure 2—4.

To dock the palette, drag the titlebar over the titlebar of the Project Browser. Drawing Aids As soon as you start drawing in the software, three drawing aids display on the screen: alignment lines, temporary dimensions, and snaps.

These are available with most drawing and many modification commands. Alignment Lines Dashed alignment lines display as soon as you select your first point, as shown in Figure 2—5.

They help keep lines horizontal, vertical, or at a specified angle. They also line up with the implied intersections of walls and other elements. Angles display at 90, 45, 15, 5, and 1 degree increments.

The order of the angle list controls the power level of the snap. For example, the 90 degree angle is most likely to display if you are close to horizontal or vertical. You can move the cursor to the exact dimension, or place it approximately and then modify the dimension as needed.

These dimension snap increments are for autodesk revit mep 2014 fundamentals pdf free linear and angular dimensions, and can be set in the Snaps dialog box. If you want to make them permanent, select the control shown in Figure 2—7.

Dimensions are a powerful tool to help create and annotate the model. Snaps Snaps are key points that help you reference existing elements to exact points when drawing, as shown in Figure 2—8. When you move your cursor over an element, the Snap symbol displays. Each snap location type displays with a different symbol.

This bartender 3 2.4.3 the Snaps dialog box, where you can set which snap points are active, as well as the snap distances for dimension and angular increments. It also shows the keyboard shortcuts for each snap, which you can use to override the automatic snapping. Hint: Temporarily Overriding Snap Settings You can use shortcut key combinations displayed in the Snaps dialog box or right-click and select Snap Overrides to temporarily override snap settings.

Temporary overrides only affect a single pick but can be very helpful when there are snaps nearby other than the one you want to use. You can draw reference planes the dashed lines to host the height of sinks or to help you define centerlines and paths for ductwork, as shown in Figure 2—9.

You can snap вот ссылка reference planes and they display in associated views. Click Modify when you have created all of the required reference planes. You can http://replace.me/14953.txt use Offset with Pick Lines.

Select the reference plane and in the Identity Data area in Properties, type a name. Draw Tools The MEP tools such as ducts, pipes, and conduitare strictly straight linear elements that are automatically connected with elbows or tees. However, if you are working with walls, as shown in Figure 2—10, or lines used in details, legends, and schematic drawings, more tools are available. They display in the contextual Ribbon and the tools vary according to the element being drawn.

How больше информации Draw Linear Elements 1. Start the command you want to use, such as Wall. Select points to define the walls using other drawing aids, such as temporary dimensions, alignment lines, and snaps.

You can change from one Draw tool to another in the middle of a command. Pick Face is only available if you are in a 3D view. Click Modify to finish the command. If Chain is enabled, you can continue selecting end points for multiple segments. Rectangle Draws four linear больше на странице defined from two opposing corner points. You can adjust the dimensions after selecting both points.

Inscribed Draws a polygon inscribed in a hypothetical Polygon circle with the number of sides specified in the Options Bar. Circumscribed Draws a polygon circumscribed around a Polygon hypothetical circle with the number of sides specified in the Options Bar. Circle Draws a circular linear element defined by a center point and radius. Start-End- Draws a curved linear autodesk revit mep 2014 fundamentals pdf free defined by a Radius Arc start, end, and radius of the arc.

The outside dimension shown is the included angle of the arc. The inside dimension is the radius. Center-ends Arc Draws a curved linear element defined by a center, radius, and included autodesk revit mep 2014 fundamentals pdf free. The selected point of the radius also defines the start point of the arc. Tangent End Draws a curved linear element tangent to Arc another element.

Select an end point for the first point, but do not select the intersection of two or autodesk revit mep 2014 fundamentals pdf free elements. Then select a second point based on the included angle of the arc. Fillet Arc Draws a curved linear element defined by two other linear elements and a radius. Because it is difficult to select the correct radius by clicking, this command automatically moves to edit mode. Select the dimension and then modify the radius of the fillet. Spline Draws a curved linear element based on selected points.

The curve does not actually touch the points Model and Detail Lines only. Ellipse Draws an ellipse from a primary and secondary axis Model and Detail Lines only. Partial Ellipse Draws only one side of the ellipse, like an arc. A partial ellipse also has a primary and secondary axis Model and Detail Lines only. This is useful when you start the project from an imported 2D drawing.

Pick Use this option to select the face of a 3D massing Больше информации element walls and 3D views only.

Pick Use this option to select an existing wall in the project to Walls be the basis for a new sketch line floors, ceilings, etc. Other options display according autodesk revit mep 2014 fundamentals pdf free the type of element you are Figure 2—12 drawing. If it is not selected, the Line and Arc tools only draw one segment at a time. If it is selected, you can continue drawing segments until you select the command again.

The angle increments shown vary depending on how far in or out the view is zoomed. Modify elements using the Ribbon, Properties, temporary dimensions, and controls. Filter selection sets. Building design projects typically involve extensive changes to the positions of equipment, ducting, piping, and other elements. Modify windows 10 weather gadget no connection free with all of the different element types.

Therefore, when the control is moved, the connector is moved with it.



Autodesk revit mep 2014 fundamentals pdf free. What s New in Autodesk Revit 2014


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